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Licht Bilder

Based by the slogan " buy original works direct from the artis " I am pleased to offer some impressions about the variety of my artworks, projects and workshops.

The paintings shown on this platform originate from my early period 2003-2009.
After that I began to apply the canvases with special silk paper and also discovered organic and acrylic glass to be used as background material for this application works.
The fascinating Light- Paintings were created, where some samples of those are also to be admired in the Lichtpromenade project.

The joy of working with other people is one of my greatest motivations, so I design and carry out other artistic social projects such as “Strong Women of Europe” and the “Rapunzel” besides the Lichtpromenade project.
I am also looking forward to new projects, which I could realize together with cooperative associations, companies or institutions. It is very much appreciated to tailor such an exciting endeavor to your theme!

Another huge desire of mine is to be able to realize my Globe Sculpture installation at a suitable place, as Art in public spaces / sculpture in public space.

If you intend to purchase one or more of my artworks or their designated copies, you will find details and prices in  buy art.

I am looking very much forward to your feedback, your suggestions and an interesting, sincere and lively exchange with you!


Emina Katarina Kronburger