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Next generation of sculpture in public space

Globus Sculpture

Welcome to a world full of artistic innovation and visionary design! As an artist who blurs the boundaries between tradition and modernity, I present to you unique sculpture concepts that blend cutting-edge technologies with a profound understanding of the context and significance of mining. My monumental installations, adorning public spaces, are not just artworks but symbols of connection and inspiration. With each sculpture, I strive not only to fill space but also to touch hearts and minds. My works have the potential to inspire and unite people worldwide. They are not just artworks but powerful ambassadors embodying a message of unity and progress. I invite you to join me in inspiring public spaces. Let's collaborate to create sculptures that not only embody the identity of a city or organization but also become a global symbol for their values and visions. It's time to usher in a new era of artistic design and urban life together. Let's shape the future and enrich the world with art and innovation. Welcome to a journey that will leave a lasting impact on our public spaces. Welcome to my world.


"A symbol for human lifetime with and on this world" Inspired by the delicate nature of our planet, the Globe Sculpture is a captivating representation of mankind's connection to Earth. Crafted with transparent glass, it symbolizes the vulnerability and strength of our planet and our existence simultaneously. But glass is not only fragile but also widely recognized as one of the strongest materials and an effective information carrier. And this fact is also a symbol for human and Earth power and our chances for now and the future. With today's technologies, it is possible to incorporate lights, interactive elements, and solar technology into the glass surface of the sculpture. The dirt-repellent effect of glass allows for easy maintenance, and anti-reflective adaptations ensure safety on the street. Within the globe, an hourglass turns every 24 hours, urging us to live consciously. The trickling sand serves as a poignant reminder of Earth's treasures – vital resources and soil crucial to our existence. The inversion of the hourglass also symbolizes the recycling process and recurring cycles, offering an opportunity for symbiosis with our planet. The sculpture can be further enhanced with touchscreen pillars surrounding it or with an in-glass transparent LED screen, transforming it into an interactive hub on sustainability. The glass surface can be coated, etched, or engraved, providing aesthetic versatility. The metallic zero meridians and equator can be either visible or hidden, offering various materials and surface variations suitable for the sculpture's environment. The hand-shaped base, housing the motor for the rotating hourglass, can be covered in metal, wood, glass, or stone. Adaptable to various contexts, additional features such as LED monitors or holograms can be incorporated. Proposed picture examples showcase the potential impact of the sculpture in global cities. With a vision for a minimum 5-meter diameter, the sculpture can be tailored to fit your budget, allowing for different sizes and details. Perhaps your city or company could be the first to realize this project with me, creating an amazing symbol for your future programs and socially responsible intentions. Feel free to contact me! P.S. The materials of i360 in Brighton serves as a perfect example of the technical feasibility of my globe sculpture for outdoor spaces!

some ideas how could it looks like ...

emina katarina kronburger i360

Picassolina Emina Katarina Kronburger Germany Vita / Life and Work ​ In the picturesque village of Herborn, located in a valley of the Westerwald, I visited the Johanneum Gymnasium High School and obtained my High School Graduation in the city of Giessen in 1998. Stations to study and develop my art followed in Munich, Hamburg, and Mainz all cities in Germany. I studied and worked as a professional event manager assistant (Fair / Congress) and completed a bachelor's degree in tourism management. At the end of 2003, I came to Italy for the second time and stayed there for several months. In this incredible landscape and by the motivating power of the Italians, I discovered my passion for painting. Shortly thereafter came the first exhibitions in Italy and later in Germany, Switzerland, and Spain. Many exciting encounters, projects and experiences have shaped my diverse artistic expression during my stays in Italy (Milano, Finale Ligure, Arezzo, Rome, Livorno), Spain (Maspalomas / Gran Canaria, Marbella, Madrid), Switzerland (Geneva), Bourmouth (UK). For over 15 years (2007-2022), I devoted myself to full-time care for my mother. She was battling brain cancer and was severely disabled. During this time, I did not have energy or space to realize my artistic ideas, but I gained profound insights into humanity, our social and political systems, as well as advancements in science and technology, and their benefits. To be able to help her as more as possible I studied medicine and engineering for two years each. This experience deeply inspired me and ignited a desire to create art that is both useful, inspiring, and positively motivating, aiming to instill strength, zest for life, and progress in all of us. Now, after my mother's death, I am eager to bring to life all the amazing ideas I have in my mind and soul and to inspire all people around the world.

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Emina Katarina Kronburger

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