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inclusive art project at shopping center "neustaedter", Giessen, Germany

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During many caretaking years of my severely handicapped mother, an abundance of
obstacles and barriers were experienced by us that hampered access to goods, services
and facilities.
Shopping Malls were a real boon to us during that time:
These are always equipped with barrier-free and well-tempered sanitary rooms.
Even during cold winter times, we could enjoy their amenities when required.
Also are most “shopping centers” comfortably heated when the outside temperatures are
relatively low. This way you don't always have to be pressed into your winter clothes after
Another advantage during the hot summer months is the protection from sun rays.
Of course, can plenty of shops be found that carry a good range of products for our daily
needs such as care products and clothes.
Most important for us has been the fair chance to find shops in these shopping centers that
offered therapeutic toys used for psychometrical and occupational therapy.
Among all of these advantages to wander around stress-free is the easy finding of nearby
parking spaces designated for specially adapted cars for disabled people.
All shops inside those Malls are usually open all the time through the regular opening hours.
It is also very nice to find a mix of different people and generations around and enjoy the
feeling to be alive.
Not being isolated as in nursing homes or other facilities of such kind.
When visiting shopping centers, my mother and I could do most of our regular purchases
in addition to finding food and beverages when wanted.
A visit to the shopping mall was always like a “feel-good mini-vacation”.
There has only been one thing we thought would be a great enrichment for the visitors. This
is a space for meetings and the exchange of ideas without hindering the flow of business in
the stores.
That was when we came up with the idea of asking the mall management of the shopping
center"neustädter" in Giessen for availabilities of empty spaces which could be used.
We discussed the development and set up of this a kind of a meeting -as well as an art
exhibition place. A diversity of people (also with disabilities) will enjoy free entrance.
I was indeed astonished at the responses from the entire "neustädter" team, who supported this project with all their heart and soul right from the beginning.
It was truly amazing to see that we are all still human beings and not just profit-driven
When the Covid restrictions ended, we put this into action.
Unfortunately, my mother passed away 3 months prior to the opening of this kind of pop-up gallery and cultural-social meeting place.
The inauguration was moderated by District Administrator Anita Schneider, the young
famous German singer Myller and our Brain Tumors Society ( Hirntumor Selbsthilfe
Gruppe Mittelhessen e.V. ).

I realized that a shopping center is like a city within a city and there is a wide range of
different cultures, life stories, needs, and interests.
I was also very pleased to hear from the various store employees that they are so happy to
be able to see art on their break or after work. Otherwise, they hardly find time to visit
museums or galleries besides their work or family obligations.
During the months of exhibiting my own art, I gave free painting classes, offered young creatives the opportunity to exhibit or to help design and work behind the scenes.
This also provided nice and informative conversations and sharing of experiences with
people and families with special needs.

If you are interested in implementing a similar project in your mall, shopping center, or city, feel free to contact me or even book my services!
I am also a certified event manager (Bachelor of Tourism Management), so I can help you not only in creative matters but also in organization.

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