Globe sculpture of glass with the hourglass inside;

art for public space; large format sculpture

by #Picassolina

Globus Skulptur Deutsch

Globus Sculpture from Emina Katarina Kronburger


I was inspired to this sculpture by the confrontation with the themes of mankind, humanity and the earth.  The fate of this earth lies in our hand, in the hand of mankind!

This one earth is so delicate that it is almost transparent and clear.

It is fragile like glass and has to be handled rather gently.

At the same time,  this great transparency offers an even greater chance of experiencing and applying positively usable insights and information.

Inside my globe sculpture there is an hourglass, which rotates every 24 hours.

The trickling sand can remind us to act and live more consciously and joyfully at this given time. The sand reminds of the treasures and resources of the world.

The resources that escape like sand through the fingers and irretrievably escape…!

But also to the soil, which is the basis of our nutrition and food and thus the basis of our existence.


This very aesthetically, as well as curious-making sculpture has the potential to become a real center of attraction. That makes the globe a very popular place to visit. Additionally and in combination with touch screen pillars installed around the statue Various topics are interactively exchanged with the visitors like subjects on sustainability.

The glass itself as a medium can be differently coated, etched or engraved.

The construction of the zero meridian (the metal base structure), as well as the equator are protruding superior graphic structural features of the sculpture. All metallic surfaces are suitable for individual labeling.

The holding hand can be made from a variety of materials. Also the color of this structure is selectable as desired. The hand represents the outer shell of the supporting base frame and can be folded open for easy reach of the inner technique. Inside the metal foundation is a 1.2m x 1.2m metal cube. This metal-cube is in joint with the frame of the zero meridian which represents the supporting substructure of the globe. The servomotor for operating / rotating the hourglass finds its place within the base frame as well.

Additional details such as LED text monitors, holograms, etc. can be integrated into the sculpture at any time depending on the context and location of the installation. I have attached suggesting picture examples with themes from London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Geneva, Dubai.

Further countries / cities / locations will be added in the near future. It is currently planned to design and produce even smaller models for non-public spaces. In order to obtain an impressive effect of the sculpture, the glass globel diameter with the integrated hourglass should be at least 2m.

My vision, design and structural analysis is designed however for a diameter of the glass sphere of 6m.



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