Emina Katarina Kronburger

Vita / Life and Work

Modere Malerei, großformatige Bilder, Kunst direkt vom Künslter


As an artist (and primarily as a human being), I feel obliged to make the resources of this earth - as well as my dealings with all people - respectful, sustainable and interactive.
Not isolated, but the middle of it, I am as a person and artist in this cycle and would like to contribute my best to promote the social, economic and environmentally friendly balance.
I love the mix between tradition and modern technology and am grateful for the benefits of this progress.
For the disadvantages or system errors I am always trying to find solutions and optimization possibilities.
I am always active and creative, not only for art, but for all the challenges of everyday life.


Born at the Bosnian border with Croatia, I grew up in Gradacac / Bosnia until I was 6 years old, then up to the age of 14 in Zagreb / Croatia.
With the beginning of the war in 1991, I came to Germany together with my mother.

In the picturesque village of Herborn, located in a valley of the Westerwald, I was able to learn the German language quickly thanks to the commitment of many socially committed people.

There I visited the Johanneum Gymansium High School and obtained my High School Graduation in the city of Giessen in 1998.
Stations to study and develop on my art followed in Munich, Hamburg and Mainz all cities from Germany.

Later, in Italy (Milano, Finale Ligure, Arezzo, Rome, Livorno), in Spain (Maspalomas / Gran Canaria), Switzerland (Geneva) and since 2009 continuously in Herborn and Giessen (Hesse) I could continue again.

At the end of 2003, I came to Italy for the second time and stayed there for several months.

In this incredible landscape and by the motivating power of the Italians, I discovered my passion for painting.

Shortly thereafter came the first exhibitions in Italy and later in Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

Many exciting encounters, projects and experiences have shaped my diverse artistic expression.

And of course- as with any "real" artist' my life has taken some blows with it that led to these creative phases or, as well to longer breaks.

Between these phases I have myself developed professionally further as event manager assistant (Fair / Congress) and currently in tourism management (bachelor) with focus on online marketing.

My husband, my parents and my dear friend Gea Antonia Ferraro contributed significantly to the fact that I could be artistically active right from the beginning.

I am very grateful for that… Thanks everyone!

Emina Katarina