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I started painting when I was 26, self-taught.
Most of my paintings I created from 2003-2007.
Then I got all kinds of allergies and could not work with many materials anymore.
So I discovered the silk-paper technique for me, as art in combination with glass and light.
Most of these earlier paintings are also of great value because of my allergy condition and
due to their age. These works of art of mine are unique and unrepeatable.
You can find the ones that are still available on my buy paintings page.


Picasso is a huge inspiration for me!

Especially because of his power, his courage and his never-ending
curiosity. He kept on developing, fearlessly designing of what he liked and in quantities he liked until his high age of 91 years.

The way he works gives me a great feeling because I myself do not like to be limited to only one technique, one object, or one way of being.

I love to use my creativity in all directions because creativity is the
universal energy in everything and everyone.




"Ein Maler ist ein Mann, der malt, was er verkauft. Ein Künstler ist dagegen ein Mann, der das verkauft, was er malt."

picasso sculptur


„Ideen sind nur Ausgangspunkte. Um zu wissen, was man zeichnen will, muss man zu zeichnen anfangen.“



„Die Malerei ist stärker als ich; sie zwingt mich zu machen, was sie will.“


„Gebt mir ein Museum, und ich werde es füllen.“

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