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If universe is an answer, what is the question?

When I found out in 2012 that they had recreated the Big Bang, i.e. the beginning of our universe, at CERN, I really wanted to experience it and visited CERN in 2012 ( Geneva, Swiss).

I had the unique opportunity to come to that Big Bang proton generator with the former director of CERN. It is only opened and serviced once a year and that was the day we were able to climb down and take a look inside of this super innovative technology.!!! WOW!!! This is one of the rarest events at our planet you can attend, so it was really sth. special.

Me in Cern infront opened generetor of protons collision.

This is the most exclusive high-tech on our planet

Back in 2004, as an artist, I wanted to understand what holds us together inside. I worked on spirals of galaxies, neurons and mushroom fans as millions of years old natural and neural networks and painted them.

Mashrooms underground network since millions of years...

MR imagine of mashrooms roots / neurons:

My interpretation:

Galaxy Spirals:

My interpretation:

Neurons in our brains:

My interpretation:

It has been found that the galaxy spirals coil at an inclination of less than 12%, thus forming DNA and many other spirals. In the galaxies made up of stars, the same structures were found among each other as in neurons in the brain and mushroom plexuses underground.

So, there is a natural order in the 3'D structures from ourselves to the universe. With modern graphics of the spirals in 3D, which were then converted to 2D, came out the pattern of the Flower of Life.

This flower of life has been found all around the world, mostly graved inside templestonse for more than 2000 - 4000 years ago. How all this civilizations new about that?

Is this not a very interessting point? And very scientific fact, beside spiritual meaning of this shape.

Now I was still missing the 4th dimension, the time!

Through these we determine ourselves, our existence and that of the planets and the universe. So time is like an inner dimension that holds together what we define as matter? Or not?

I then incorporated this idea into this sculpture model: our world is defined, among other things, by time: our lifetime, the lifetime of the earth, the lifetime of the projects, things we use, the relationship we live, the houses, the market rate, etc... Time permeates our everyday life perception.

And than they finally improved at Cern 2022 the Gods particle, which gives all the protons, neutrons, electrons ect the mass... so they can become a matter. Or we become a matter?

About God's Particle:

Easier description here:

I thought OK, fantastic, we arrived finally also to the answer, how we became a matter, who we are...


One thought still tormented me: if this is the greatest power, why is light still faster than God's Particle and unable to break through/ be manipulated?

During 2022 my mom passed away, so I done lot of research about life after death, hoping to find out, does Soul exist and if yes, is my mom's Soul fine now? Or with her dead body, there was no Mam anymore at all?

But light ist bigger force than matter, right? So is my mom not only a matter?

Many testimonials around the word with near death experience describe always the power of the light into they journey ended or enernity begins, as an universal energy, without time or space limitations, without

negative value system, no physical (mass) limitation, everything is possible, every moment at the same time and everywhere...

So there must be some coreletion between that light and the light in Universum ( light as wave, energy, information transport ect.).

To understand my next point of view ( the last one for today) please see this video until the End:

If we transform us BACK into the light, make experience without time or matter limitation, than it must be some coloretion between scientific discoveries about univers, matter, light and soul ..

What do you think about this ?

If you have more information about this topic, please share this with me...

Katarina Kronburger

Art about the Code of the Life

In the next Blog feed I will explain shortly my discovery about this topic... and find the question to the answer!!!!

The answer is maybe in one of this publications:

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