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welcome to Picassolinas world of art

Dear Visitors and Guests,

You are cordially invited to browse through my web pages.

My internet portal is alive with volumes of photographs and is meant for your gateway to a world of information on my works of sculptures, paintings, installations, and many other projects.

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as the artist who creates her work of art in various countries of the world, but mainly in Germany and Italy.
I am actively creating artwork since 2003.

How could I be of service to you?

Is your city, your company or even you yourself planning to acquire artwork?
I am very pleased to offer XS through XXXL sculptures as well as individual
paintings just made according to your conceptions and visions.

My favorite task is to set up tailored “art events” as well as “art workshops”:

- intended as an opportunity to present the characteristic hallmarks of your city. Its residents create unique art items and enjoy incomparable experiences under my

- intended as a company/firm incentive gesture that also boosts team building for having a very positive and considerable influence on working methods.

- intended as a complimentary event with the objective to advertise your establishment
and/or guest service offerings at the highest level.

- intended for your clients, to create a positive experience and customer-company identification

Additionally, would it be my great pleasure to create, design and shape individual and unique paintings as well as art objects for your hotel, restaurant, or business place in a classical, contemporary style or mixed with modern visual and audio technologies.

My own paintings on display on the website shop are almost all from the creative period 2003 through 2007. These are exclusively the originals and are considered to be a good and lasting investment.

Please contact me at any time on how to go ahead with obtaining your especially desired object at a fair price.

Never hesitate to contact me at any time in case I could be of help to further additional inquiries and art-related questions.

I would always be available to support your interest in the work of fine art including works of applied art, as well as drafts and originals of such work.

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Emina Katarina Kronburger

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